Rentals & Condos


Managing your own rentals? 

Why not let us take the pressure off you!

  • Secure tenant, Check credit report, run criminal background, as well as judgments.
  • Collect rents, security deposits per lease agreements.
  • 24/7 personal on call service
  • Perform walk through with tenant prior to move in/out
  • Provide move out/in inspections
  • Provide digital pictures of the property for your records
  • Deposit funds in your operating account at your local bank
  • Provide you with a monthly detailed accounting of funds in statement form showing income vs. expenses. 
  • Provide you with special reports concerning any issues and recommendations of solutions
    • Rent levels
    • Proposed activity
    • Market changes
  • Renew leases
  • Deliver informational notices
  • Serve late notices & or demand for rent / notices to quit
  • serve as liaison in legal actions / court system
  • Approve new tentants
  • Respond to tenants needs including emergencies as provided in our management contract
  • Oversee tenant removal IF it becomes necessary (nonpayment of rent only)
  • Perform inspections to ensure your property is being cared for in the proper manner.
  • Licensed, bonded contractors are available to perform duties as needed.
Isn't is worth NOT having to worry about all the "little" things?

What we offer!

Accurate financial reports personalized per the board requests. Currently provide the following monthly financial statements: 

  •  Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss - Monthly Detail
  • Profit and Loss - year to Date Condensed Version
  • Budget versus Actual Costs - Year to Date
  • Profit and Loss - Year to date comparison versus prior year (assuming we have prior year data)
  • Additionally we meet with our clients annually to assist in preparing their annual budget.

Additional Services:

  • Adaption per board requests
  • Report provided by accountant for any variances on budget vs. actual costs
  • provide 1099s for all vendors as appropriate
  • Coordination of CPA firm that provides annual financial statement and yearly review
  • Monthly bank reconciliation for operating account and bank statements
  • Monthly bank reconciliation for reserve account
  • Collection, deposit of condo fees
  • Annual budget consultation to formulate budget
  • Facilitate opening of investment accounts per boards request
  • Bid acquisition for work to be performed
  • Oversee/ Follow up with all contractors
  • Notices to owners
  • Prompt reminders regarding violations of rules
  • Fee collection of violations
  • With board approval, quick, placement of liens re: past due condo fees
  • Filing the proper liens to prevent foreclosure
  • Provide banks, and lending institutions with prompt questionnaires  ( For new owners and for current owners who are refinancing)
  • Liaison between law enforcement/ Court officials/ lenders.
  • 24/7/365 on call personal service
  • Newsletters (as requested, with board approval)
  • Signage for events (production, delivery, and installation of signage)
  • Newspaper advertisements for community events
  • Follow up with owners regarding maintenance performed.